The Thing About Launches

There are many ways to launch. I've tried most of them. Some huge US coaches run multi-million dollar businesses based on their own launch 'technique' and I know, because I've bought at least one (eye-wateringly expensive) course from such a coach over the years. Did it help? Sort of. Do I use that technique? Not really, because it's way too complicated. If it's got 100 hours of classes to wade through, it's probably not for me. Having said that, I always have successful launches, because I have distilled down my own version that works for my type of business - it doesn't take loads of time and it isn't unnecessarily complicated.

My Successful Launch System

There are 4 stages and the first stage starts 30-45 days before you launch. It's for when you have time to plan it in and give it the best chance of success. I take you through what you need to do in each of the 4 stages and you'll get a launch planner sheet included with your class.  


What You'll Learn

How to give your launch the best chance of success

The number one thing you need to do before you even start planning your launch (it makes a huge difference)

The four stages to a successful launch, including the one most people miss

The key components you need during your launch - what they are, how to create them and when to use them

I'll share my best real-life launch tips (I've done this successfully loads of times) and hopefully save you lots of time and headaches.


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About Claire Mitchell

Claire Mitchell is the Six Figure Business Coach. Since 2012, through The Girls Mean Business® Claire has helped thousands of women master marketing, get more sales, make more money and become more confident in business. Since 2013 she has made six figures every year and her businesses keep on growing - even better she is happy to teach YOU how to do it, too. That's why her second six-figure business, the Six Figure Business Coach was born. Time for you to realise your potential and make the money you deserve.

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