Look, I know you think, "Who am I to start and run a successful online business?" 

I know you think that because *I* used to think that. 

Then, I learned that there is not a soul on this planet that does not have something to give that someone else needs. 

So, even though you don't see it right now, you DO have it in you to run a very successful 6-figure business that allows you the freedom to live your life with the people you love. 

And the people who need you to do this? Their lives are going to be changed forever. 

Yes, even if it's teaching people to make soap (we have many successful digital products launched off this course). 

So, when I say I believe in you? I do. Because I believe in me and what I'm here to do. 

And I know that these 30 days are going to give you everything I WISHED I'd had when I was just starting out.


"I've grown my brand new email list to 125 in 2 weeks, my new group to over 80 and sold 6 ebooks on pre-order. So it's been so valuable to me in getting clear on what I know, who is in my network already, and how to map out the journey of my brand new super customer!" Sammie Byrne, Sub Box Creator, UK


"This course was amazing! Thank you for bringing clarity to what it really takes to create a six figure income, including a step by step process and the strategies needed. Forever grateful for you!" Rachale Kelly, Empowered 2B Present, USA

"I just want to say that after completing the first module and listening to Claire talk about her 'subscriptions' I realise my one-to-one client base is my bread and butter but my online will be my Empire!" Sharon Bremner,  Bodysense by Shaz, Australia 


  • Easily create a scalable online business selling your knowledge (YES...even YOU)

  • Know EXACTLY WHERE to start that most courses leave out

  • Discover YOUR thing, even if you don’t think you have a thing…you do, you’ve just been blinded by what we call the Curse of Knowledge

  • Unlock the secrets that EVERY successful 6-figure business owner knows and works with

  • Know that every step you’ll be guided through has been done over and over and over again, by me, by my clients, and it is proven to work…well and quickly!
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The great news is, you DO know MORE than enough, people will definitely value it AND you can EASILY turn it into all sorts of awesome online products they will love to buy.

You just need someone who has done it to show you how to do it.

✔️ Someone to help you figure out what you know, who will buy it and how to get it in front of them (while they wave their card in the air shouting 'take my money NOW' - although you might have to imagine that last bit because they'll be online somewhere and you won't be able to see them).

✔️ Someone to help you shortcut the learning, hit the ground running and avoid (if possible) making costly mistakes.

✔️ Someone to help you get clear on what you need to do, so you can get on and do it.

Luckily, you just found that person and I have exactly what you need.



"I can highly recommend this course. I was coasting in my business, working in it rather than ON it. I now have a clear path for the direction I want to take my business." Karen Stangroom, Conquer Crochet


I designed SIX FIGURE IT OUT for you, because I know HOW important it is to get rid of that STUCK feeling that's stopping you moving forwards.

You know what I mean, right?

✔️ Even though your head is full of ideas, you can't find the brain space to process them, let alone action them

✔️ Wasting time or making expensive mistakes isn’t an option because you need results NOW & you just want the 'DO THIS then DO THAT' version to get you started

✔️ Having a READY-MADE strategy you can just adapt for your business from someone who has been there and done that is what you crave - one that will work for YOU

✔️ You are going to LOVE Six Figure It Out.

Get some clarity, see what you're dealing with and get a framework to build on - one that will help you create a scalable online business you can grow to six figures and beyond…easily


"I leapt a year ago from a long & intense career in public services into being self employed & it's been both awesome & terrifying ! Your course & this group have been just what I've needed, as I want to focus more on supporting people's personal, career & business development on-line & away from running around the country providing consulting & interim support ! The drip feed has been brilliant - fitting well with my full days & travel (my train journeys are when I watch the videos) ! And having such a knowledgeable, friendly & supportive community (FB group) is just fantastic ! 💛 I can't wait for the next courses to start. Thank you so much Claire ♥️🦄" Loretta Outhwaite

I absolutely love this course. It has opened my eyes to what I can achieve. I’ve learned to be brave and value my knowledge and expertise. I know I am capable and I will create a six figure business. Thank you Claire xx" Jacqueline Carson

"Oh this course has been enlightening and came at exactly the right time for my new business and my old business. I feel I'm confident and ready to put it all into practise and you have shown that it is truly possible even when we think it isn't, thank you so much I can't wait to invest in the next ones x 💕" Jade Foster-Jerrett

"When I started I really didn't feel a 6 figure business was a possibility - now I absolutely do." Mandie Danks

"I have absolutely loved this course! It came at just the right time for me and whilst I started off thinking about one business I have actually developed a more workable idea for an other. The pace of the course has been perfect and I have looked forward to watching the videos each day. I feel my goal is actually achievable and I have a real workable plan in place to make it happen. I cannot wait for the next stage xx" Claire Morris

Give me 30 days and you’ll get UNSTUCK and have your SIX-FIGURE STRATEGY


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⁠⁣You'll get all this THIS ➡️⁠⁣⁠⁣

Create Your Six Figure Strategy

What it takes to make that level of income, and why it’s a process that takes time and not something that happens instantly.⁠⁣ 

Explore the Possibilities

How different types of businesses from coaches to face-painters, dog-walkers to therapists and everyone in between can turn their knowledge into online products people want to buy⁠ ⁣

Take My Money

Learn who needs you, what they value and how you can create products they want to buy⁠. You'll also learn what you need to say and where to put it to grab their attention.

Income streams & Levels

You’ll learn about the different types of online products you could create and how to scope them out ⁣and price them at different levels.

Product Path

You’ll learn how to create levels of products to create a path for your customers and increased profits for you⁠

Growth Plans & Timelines

Plan out a product creation, launch and marketing timeline to grow your income every month with your online products⁠ ⁣

Targets & Tracking

You’ll learn how to set incremental targets to help you grow your business over time without having to stop everything else in your life to make it happen!⁠⁣

Lifetime Access

Work through at your own pace, as many times as you like. Just make sure you DO work through it so you can release that potential locked in your business.

Facebook Group

Join my super-supportive Facebook group where you can brainstorm, ask for help, share your successes and deal with the Mind Monkeys.

And the investment to create a strategy that is going to pay you in six-figures, sooner rather than later, is only £197

🔶 Just £197 to turn your poor overloaded brain into things you can sell. Not literally, that would be a bit messy and besides, you need it intact, we've got work to do.

🔶 Just £197 to help you painlessly (OK, relatively painlessly) extract what you know and figure out what to do it with, to help you on your way to a six-figure business.

🔶 Get in while you still can! This is the last time I'll be in the Facebook group answering your questions and doing live coaching with you. 

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It's not just for 'digital' businesses or coaches. In fact, so far the people who have bought Six Figure It Out include:

  • A soap and skincare maker
  • A hypnotherapist
  • A pet portrait artist
  • A bricks and mortar shop owner selling vegan and eco products
  • A website designer
  • A graphic designer
  • A business supplying photographers
  • A professional organiser
  • A handmade/craft business
  • A teepee sleepover business
  • A dance teacher
  • A children's mindfulness author
  • A seamstress

So you see, we have a real mixture and hardly a coach in sight! All of them want to create an online 'knowledge product' side to their business, which is fantastic! 

That's what Six Figure It Out will help you achieve

Oh and don't forget it's lifetime access


  • Will it work for a retail business?
  • Is it only for digital businesses?
  • What if I don't know anything that people would want to buy?

Here's what I told one of the retailer ladies who messaged me:

"OK here's the thing. You know a LOT.  You know about setting up and running and growing a bricks and mortar shop. You know about selling online. You know about vegan products. You know about eco products. You have several niches there that you could turn into an online business. You would have to figure out who would buy but if, for example, you created a 'knowledge-based' business helping people who want to set up an eco/vegan shop either online or a physical shop, you could sell that knowledge. Lots of it is in the marketing, of course, but before any of that you need to get clear on what the strategy would be..."

My answer would be the same to you.

  • You know LOADS both from setting up and running this business and all the knowledge and experience you had before that.

  • You know far more than you think. I know this for certain,
  • Your online information products might be totally unrelated to what you do now - it might be stuff you learned in your 'day job' ages ago but that people would pay to know.

My goal with this course is to help you work out what you DO know and then help you turn it into a business strategy to take you forwards.


Tell Me Again, What IS Six Figure It Out?

Six Figure It Out is a strategy course - it’s what you need BEFORE you start creating any online products. If you don’t have a plan and you don’t know where you’re heading, you’re going to waste a lot time and energy and you’ll probably get lost. 

How Does It Work?

You get daily emails with teaching & challenges for 30 days - we have 2 implementation/catch up days built in.


Will I Learn The Tech?

No, this is a strategy course. It's only for those who are serious about creating a business like mine (and like The Girls Mean Business® before it) where you turn your knowledge into online training, and who understand the need for a roadmap and value the opportunity to learn from someone who has made multiple six figures doing this over  the last 12 years.  If you want to learn the tech and how to create online products you need ONLINE PRODUCTS MADE EASY

"I’ve made it a priority to sit down and do it each day.. I’ve written down loads - my Mindmap is full and I’m still adding to it. I’ve made a start on the first of many e-books. And I’ve gone from thinking maybe I can do one book, to creating an entire structure of courses/modules, books, membership, the lot! It’s been brilliant to work through, just what I needed at exactly the right time" Nicola Davies, Davies Designs - Tailored Furniture & Interiors


"I’ve done a lot of the stuff already but having the strategy has been invaluable as I’ve learned many ways I’ve gone wrong and how to fix them 😂"Maddie Cook, Boss Your Salon


"I’ve absolutely loved it! I feel empowered, inspired & ready to create a course to help aspiring writers achieve their dreams as others helped me" Rachel Brimble, Author


"I've bought a fair few of your courses now Claire Mitchell but this one is by far the best. As well as explaining everything in detail it actually has an inbuilt confidence booster. Everything is explained so clearly and in such depth that I know I can achieve my goals. Before the course I did feel it was an elite few who could succeed but I am now sure that I can too." Karie-Ann Cooper, Pet Portraits & Wildlife Artist

If you are scared AND thrilled at the idea of financial and time freedom? 


If you are excited, but you're worried that you might not stick to it? 

THIS IS FOR YOU (I've built this to be as easy as humanly possible). 

If you worried that your family and work won't leave enough time to do this? 


If you are concerned about this being just another investment? 

I've built this for everyone who has ever been burned. Because I have packed everything I didn't know and everything I wish I'd known in here so that no one can say, "it wasn't enough".


Claire grey jumper

Hi, I'm Claire, six-figure business coach and mum. I've built up my own business to multiple six figures and helped my VIP clients do the same.

Now I'm sharing what I know with you via my PROVEN programme SIX FIGURE IT OUT.

You see, it really, truly does not matter WHAT your business does, there is ALWAYS a way to create an online income stream. And an online income stream is scalable, to six figures and beyond.

If you want to learn, we can do this...

Are you ready? I can't wait to help you...


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You have everything you need inside you. 

You CAN do this. I did it. My clients have done it. 


And I know when you see what you are capable of, nothing is going to be able to stop you.

"I think it’s been brilliant - big picture to small details, it’s given me the best of both. Pitched just right - not overwhelming- the 30 days is a great method. I like the space, taken a few days to let the brain find the answers rather than panic about getting it all done. You shall be seeing the results soon!" Rachel Hawkes, Buddha Buddies & Mindful Parenting

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our products and their potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavour, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.