You have SO MANY amazing ideas, you just need to turn them into income.

But where do you START?  

How do you turn those ideas into scalable, profitable online products you can create once and sell over and over again, even in your sleep?

How do you get that passive income everyone raves about?


All of those ideas you have are about to become money in your account. 

You’ve found THE place to get ALL the answers, ALL the trainings…ALL the coaching you need to hit your business goals…fast


What makes this place different is…this is not a place where theory is taught. 


This is where I and my clients get out-of-this-world results. 

💥 (an actual screenshot on a week I made £72K)

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Time to stop selling your expertise and knowledge by the hour

It's everything You Need To Get the Passive Income Rolling In


Everything you need is right here in this single comprehensive & foundational space. 

Check out some of the six-figure training that’s waiting for you:

✔️ Six-Figure Signature Systems

✔️ Six-Figure Funnels

✔️ Six Figure Newsletters

✔️ Six Figure Groups

✔️ Six-Figure Opt-Ins

✔️ How to Create a Fabulous E-Course

✔️ How to Create a Gorgeous E-Book

✔️ How to Create Masterclasses That Sell

✔️How to Create an Awesome 30-Day Course

And so much more than we can list here!

This is just a taste of the courses available to you inside the RICHER COACH COLLECTIVE (formerly ELITE) because I want to make building a 6-figure business as doable as possible…as fast as possible…for you.



No more wasted hours and hours searching YouTube, consuming THEORY instead of EXPERIENCE. 

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No more pieced-together plans that keep you sliding backward, instead of being propelled forward.


No more trying to figure it all out on your own…with ZERO guidance from someone who has done what you want to do. 

Profit Is So Close You Can Touch It

I’m Claire Mitchell

Claire (2)

And the ONLY reason I teach what I teach is because I’ve done it. But more than that…at the risk of sounding braggy…my clients do it, too. 


There’s one thing that I am very particular about and that’s showing up for you, for your business, for your goals.

I don’t put on airs & graces and you’ll never hear me recommend something I am not sure works. 

In case you’re wondering who I am to walk you through starting and/or growing your business, I’m just a girl from the north east of England.

I started from zero, just like many of the women I teach (well, minus 20K actually, more about that another time).

But in almost no time, I built my business(es!!) from the ground up to multiple 6-figures. 


 Now? I run my dream business (NOT marketing BS…this is 💯) from our beautiful old mill property in the Yorkshire countryside, with a gorgeous house, a river, 5 acres of land (where I’m planning to keep bees, chickens and more), a barn for my husband’s business and a cottage for my mum.

It’s been my dream for years.

We achieved it in 2021. Look!

moving weekend

I am the proof that you can do it. 

My clients are the proof that you can do it. 

If you have a skill or a product and you know that you feel called to bring it to the world, I have the knowledge and the tools to help you slash your time to success




TARA (1)







I know you’re busy, running your home, raising your family, working your 9-5. And I also know you don’t have to eat, sleep, and breathe your business in order for it to run smoothly & profitably. 

So I designed the training to be as powerful as possible, without forcing you to choose between family time and the money. 



Members who sign up to the RICHER COACH COLLECTIVE can get a return on their investment very early on. 

Even though the price is low, the value is super high…so that this content and the support you get are available to just about anyone who is ready to do the work. 

When you become a member of the RICHER COACH COLLECTIVE, you get:

  • Regular (life-and-business-changing) group guided brainstorms 
  • Over 40 of my best-selling, six-figure accelerator workshops PLUS what’s working in my business RIGHT NOW.
  • I turn my successes into training for you in classes like:
  • Money Loves Speed (this has made me and my clients THOUSANDS)
  • The 'Me, Please' Method (helped me grow a 1.7K group of ideal clients)
  • Tiny Audience to 10K (you can have a 10K month with a handful of people)
  • Endless Content Method (an easy way to never run out of content)
  • Mini-Masterclass Method (cracking way to position yourself as the go-to expert)
  • The Audience Nurture System (sounds boring, but it will change your life!)
  • The Level-Up Method (how to 10X your hourly rate. Yes, you read that right.)
  • The Successful Launch System and more!

You also get exclusive access to my RICHER COACH COLLECTIVE Facebook community where you can network and brainstorm with like-minded, ambitious business owners who want to grow six-figure online businesses, just like you. 

These people often end up as future collaborators, guest speakers, and even mastermind buddies. Seriously, when I was starting out I would have given my right arm for a group like this, full of ambitious, forward thinking entrepreneurs - that saying about surrounding yourself with people who take you higher is true. The success is contagious!


Each month, we run a #makebackmymembership challenge and the RICHER COACH COLLECTIVE ladies jump on it as soon as it is issued and, in most cases, make back their investment as soon as they start taking action on the challenge. 

So if you’re worried about investing in a membership of this calibre, don’t. I want you to win, that’s why I do everything I can to inspire you to!

Josephine Hughes

Jenny Sheridan


Who is this for?? 


  • Product business owners who want to add a digital product element (and a scalable, profitable income stream) to their business
  • Service business owners who want to stop trading time for money and create online products they can sell over and over
  • Coaches who want to scale with online training
  • Anyone who has ideas in their head they want to turn into online classes, courses, e-books, memberships and more that they can create once and sell time and time again, even in their sleep.

Some people are just starting out on their online journey. Others are ramping up. The RICHER COACH COLLECTIVE works for both, whether you're making your first hundreds or your next thousands in passive income.

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This is my home on the web, where I teach ambitious business owners to have the success that I’ve had through my monthly dynamic and membership content like live Q&As, videos, workbooks, templates, community support, and more. 

Back in 2011 I started out in 20K in debt. I was going through a painful business liquidation and bringing up my gorgeous toddler (she’s now 13 and taller than me). All I had was an idea and a need to create an income, fast! Within 6 weeks I'd made £4000. Within 2 years I’d turned my idea into a six-figure online training business. Ten years on it has just kept growing. I’m an introvert. I’m not a techie. If I can do it, so can you and in RICHER COACH COLLECTIVE I show you how.

There is no contract, you are welcome to leave at any time. But I’ll have to warn you: Most people do find they bring in far more revenue as a member of the group than they did without it…and they like my approach & feel supported throughout their journey…so they usually stay. 

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I want you to win.
I want you to turn your ideas into cash.
And you TOTALLY can…on your own or with me. But I’ll help you win faster.



Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our products and their potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavour, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.