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Money Loves Speed

I created a quick sales page, set up the product in my shop, created a home page in my Simplero site where my courses live and posted in my groups again. Within an hour I had 30 new members.

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Your Time Should Be The Last Thing You Sell s

Your Time Should Be The Last Thing You Sell

When you start out teaching what you know, the temptation is to do 1-to-1 coaching because it feels like a way to get money quickly and ease yourself into it, rather than building a course.⁠
Let me tell you something. Your time should be the last thing you sell.⁠
It's your most precious resource, along with your health and if you rely on selling your time a few things will happen:⁠
1. You will cap your earnings because you'll run out of time to sell. ⁠

2. You will get caught in th…

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