Join me for my in-depth class where I will teach you how to create a gorgeous e-book for your business.

I have used e-books as free list-builders, as added value bonuses, as free gifts and as paid products. They are super-versatile and very valuable. In my class you will learn how to come up with ideas for your e-book and turn them into a beautiful downloadable product your customers will love.


Here's What You Will Learn

Why E-Books are GREAT for Business

Why should you write an e-book? How can you use it in your business and are e-books right for you? 

What Should You Write About?

What should your e-book be about? How do you find the right topic? What should you call it? I'll help you figure it out - your brain will be buzzing with ideas!


How to Write Your E-Book

I'll show you how to easily scope out your e-book. You will learn my 'Content Branch' method to quickly write your chapters and make writing the final version a breeze. I'll share my e-book content template that you can take and make your own. You'll be able to get up and running, fast, with your own gorgeous e-book.

How to Price Your E-book

How much should you charge? What is it worth? How do you decide? I'll show you what you need to know!


How to Market Your E-Book

How do you build an audience of people who will buy? What do you need to do to get your gorgeous e-book out there in front of the people who need it? I'll share my best tips - you're going to love them!


How to Sell and Deliver Your E-Book

How do you take payment? How do you get your e-book to your paying customers? How do you give it away as a list-builder? I have the answers and they aren't scary!

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About Claire Mitchell

Claire Mitchell is the Six Figure Business Coach. Since 2012, through The Girls Mean Business® Claire has helped thousands of women master marketing, get more sales, make more money and become more confident in business. Since 2013 she has made six figures every year and her businesses keep on growing - even better she is happy to teach YOU how to do it, too. That's why her second six-figure business, the Six Figure Business Coach was born. Time for you to realise your potential and make the money you deserve.