Quick Fix Money Maker

Ever needed A Quick Cash Injection Into Your Business?

If you run out of cash, your business falls over. That's just how it is. The trouble is, sometimes you need an extra injection of cash to get over a hurdle. Situations like:

  • Being hit with an unexpected bill

  • Needing to invest in or replace kit or equipment

  • Needing breathing space to work on the big, strategic stuff

  • Needing money to pre-pay for stock or book events

  • Seeing an opportunity you need to take NOW!

Quick-Fix Money Maker is my secret weapon and I'm sharing it with YOU.

It's what I've used (and still use) to give me the cash injections and breathing space I regularly needed while I grew my business to over £200k profit in the space of a few years (around my family).

And now YOU can use the very same strategies and ideas to grow YOUR business! Yay!

You will get:

  • 20+ SHORT but POWERFUL videos covering my best Quick-Fix Money Making strategies

  • Action books to help you IMPLEMENT, fast!

  • a Fab MONEY-MAKING ideas group for support and success-sharing.

You'll see from the testimonials that people have made a LOT of money using what I teach, and so could you!

"This Course Is Quite Simply Incredible!"

"I can't even begin to tell you how amazing QFMM is - but I'll try.  The tips are brilliant and even after following the first tip (which isn't even an official tip it's just the intro) I had already made £400 with the potential for more! If you've done any of Claire's classes you'll know how well structured and put together they are and this one is no exception.  

If you're wondering whether to do it - just do it! It is so worth the investment.  There are 24 tips and the intro bit so 25 great pieces of advice which even at the full price of the course work out as just £7.96 per tip, a very small price to pay for the potential to increase your sales by so much.  So what are you waiting for?"

Sue McKenna - Maldon Soap 

"I'm A Money Magnet Right Now"

"Hello everyone. I just gotta share this with you. I'm convinced that what has happened over the last 24 hours is the result of me watching the first of the Quick Fix Money Maker videos...I tell you, I'm a money magnet right now. (Don't bring your mobile phones to close!) Can't wait to watch the next few videos. Better pace myself so the bank don't think I'm laundering money when they see a massive influx into my account...I'll blame it on Claire Mitchell."

Jane Johnson - Physiotherapist & Author 

"Definitely Worth The Money"

"I think the very thought of some of these quick-fixes have made an impact already for me. Whilst in the planning stage of some of them I suddenly had a burst of sales within my business, which saw me reach almost 50% of my required target within two days! I've just started putting some of the fixes into place but am reaping small rewards at present. .....

I've already started turning some of the quick-fix ideas into a more long-term plan too. They're sparking ideas that will help to pad out my business plan overall. 

Definitely worth the money spent on the course Claire, thanks!"

Kat Wills - Therapist and Shop Owner

"Brilliant Course!"

"I'm planning a new product launch, from b2b where I have been really struggling to b2c and I am buzzing. Some of the ideas I will put more thought into for my long term marketing, others will be put to use soon, and I'm only half way through!

Brilliant course Claire! I'm feeling really positive about my business when I haven't been for months x"

Claire Rogers -Business Owner 

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