The 5 Biggest Mistakes Most Business Owners Make

It's tricky being a business owner.

Nobody tells you when you start out that there is SO MUCH to consider. When you plan your business and start out, you probably expect to spend most of your time doing the *thing* you love - the *thing* that made you want to have a business around it, whether it's crafting or singing or coaching. And it's not until you've taken the leap that you realise that's not the full story.

Most of us spend much of our time NOT doing the *thing* we're in business for.

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How To (Properly) Market Your Small Business

Running a small business is challenging - not only do you have to deal with legal stuff, tax and accounting, you also have to do the thing you're actually in business for AND market your business so the customers and the  money keep coming.

It's not easy.

It's one big, scary, confusing juggling act and it's not for the faint hearted.

Marketing in itself can be a struggle. For starters, what IS marketing, exactly? And how is it different from sales? And when you've got a whole host of social m…

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"I Can Do It Cheaper Myself"'re chatting away to someone and the conversation is flowing beautifully. They love your business, they are talking about how they need what you sell when, in the next breath, they ask you your prices.

And the world stops, just for a second.

In that second your brain goes into mega-overdrive mode. In the space of that second the following questions and statements flash through your head, one after another:

"OMG what do I say?"

"She's going to be shocked when I tell her how much it is…

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Avoid These 7 Cashflow Killers

Running out of cash is one of the most frightening (and sadly most common) things to happen to small businesses. It's easily done if you're not keeping an eye on things

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10 Ways To Use Facebook Groups To Grow Your Business s

10 Ways To Use Facebook Groups To Grow Your Business

I've been using groups to support my business training for years and to be honest, I LOVE them.

They allow me to virtually get to know my students.

I can support them in a safe setting.

They get peer support from other members.

We brainstorm and chat, tackle problems and challenges, celebrate success, practice videos and give feedback on blogs and websites and make friends.

We set up introduction threads, run competitions, support each other to hit milestones and help each other build our b…

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Why Isn't Social Media Working For Me? s

Why Isn't Social Media Working For Me?

You’ve tried just about everything you can think of on Facebook and your business page still feels like a ghost town, with tumbleweed blowing through it.

No-one seems to see it, nobody likes or comments apart from your friends and family, and it’s certainly not helping you sell anything. Gah!

Twitter scares the pants off you. Instagram is great but what’s with all the hashtags and as for Pinterest? Well, you can easily lose an afternoon gazing at beautiful things on there but how the heck is i…

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Why You Need A Book Of Awesome (And How To Make One) s

Why You Need A Book Of Awesome (And How To Make One)

Have you ever had a day when you fell out of love with your business?

When it all felt too hard? Maybe a mean customer had a dig because they were in a bad mood. Perhaps things just keep going wrong. Maybe you're just tired and grumpy and need a break.

The thing is, we ALL get those bad days. No matter how long you're in business, it never goes away, it's just a different level of bad day.

It can be really hard to snap out of a bad day; to get your enthusiasm back when you really don't feel l…

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How to Deal With Copycats s

How To Deal With Copycats

I had a question from a lady saying someone had copied her entire business, from her website to her social media posts - there were just enough differences for it not to be a direct duplication (she had used slightly different images) but to the casual observer, they may as well have been the same business.

This was no coincidence. The copycat had been a 'fan' of this lady's business for a while and clearly loved it so much that she decided she'd do exactly the same thing.

Now, I totally under…

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