Am I Being Spammy (and will everyone hate me)?


Spammy or not spammy?

I asked a question on my facebook page about whether you found it more challenging to know what marketing to or OR to actually do it. One of the comments got my attention and I thought it would be a great topic for today’s podcast.

One of the commenters said her biggest challenge is ‘doing the marketing and not being spammy’. So let’s talk about being spammy - what it IS and what it is NOT and how to get over your fears of spamminess. Is that even a word? It is now.

So let’s start with really obvious spam.

We see it a lot in Facebook groups from people who don’t know any better (or do know better but don’t care). This is when people think that the best way to sell more is to plaster their sales messages anywhere and everywhere. I can remember a girl in a local Facebook group a couple of years ago. She did nails and tanning and honestly, this group was full of people who were her Super Customers, they were a great fit BUT her approach wasn’t great.

She joined the group and immediately started posting lots of photos of her work. OK, that’s fine but nobody knew who she was, she just joined and started selling. No attempts at getting to know the group, she didn’t read the rules, she came in and started posting. Nothing too bad there. 

But then she went onto discussion threads about totally unrelated subjects and started posting her nail pics on those threads. A thread about parking? About dog poop? About a planning application? Yep, she added her nail pics there too.

Not unsurprisingly, she didn’t get a great reaction. In fact she had her posts deleted, got a warning, carried on doing it and got booted from the group for spamming.

THAT is spamming. Spamming is where all you do is sell, with no attempt at reading the room, relationship building, or relevance. It doesn’t work. It just annoys people. 

Email spamming is the same, sending a bunch of sales emails with no thought for your recipients or what they signed up for. If they signed up for fishing tips and you’re sending them daily emails about baldness cures, they are going to be pretty miffed.

This is what I call overt spamming - it’s really obvious, it’s a spray and pray approach where you blast out selling messages to a cold audience and pray somebody buys. It might have worked in the old days but nowadays? No chance. It’s the modern-day equivalent of a door-to-door salesman who tricks you into opening your front door then jams their foot in there to stop you closing it and proceeds to verbally wear you down until you buy.

So when you’re worried about being spammy, this is what spammy is. But you’re not doing that.

What you’re talking about when you say you’re worried about being spammy is simply making offers to a warm or hot audience and you’re scared of rejection.

But here’s the thing.

If you have the right audience then when you make offers, they love it.

In my case I have a big email list, a big Facebook page and a few groups. When I make offers to those people I ALWAYS get sales and I don’t get told I’m spammy, even if I’m sending more emails than usual because there’s an offer deadline approaching.

Why? Because they are all my Super Customers and the offers I make are relevant and timely. 

And there’s another reason why I’m not seen as spammy - it’s because of what I do when I’m NOT selling. In between offer emails I write helpful emails that are full of value. Marketing nuggets, stories, explanations, all kinds of things that my subscribers find useful. I’m sharing valuable information, which helps my subscribers grow their business, generates warm, fuzzy feelings and builds lovely relationships.

Which means that when I do make an offer or launch a product, it is received warmly. I get lots of sales. I also get lots of people replying saying ‘I can’t buy now but I’d love it in the future’ and I get lots of people who ignore it because it’s not what they need at the moment. Just like I do with emails from people I follow.

Anyone who replies with irate messages has no place on your email list or in your group. They are not your Super Customer. You don’t need to worry about them (or obsess about their nasty comments for the next month, I know you do this!) They are not your people. Your people see your value and love what you do, especially if you have a relationship with them.

What might this look like?

  • Being yourself in your marketing

  • Telling little stories from your business

  • Sharing your ideas, plans and dreams

  • Doing subscriber-only offers

  • Sharing your work in progress

  • Talking about what you love doing

  • Sharing success stories

  • Taking us behind the scenes in your business

  • Sharing your personality in technicolour

  • Talking to people - replying to comments, being yourself

Very quickly your fans, followers and subscribers will feel like they know you, just a little bit. You go from being a stranger on the internet to being an internet friend, or at the very least a familiar name. And remember, people buy people.

There’s a big difference between obsessively posting nail offers on a parking thread in a local Facebook group and sharing an amazing offer designed especially for your audience, that you know they need / will love / both. 

One is spam, the other is helping.

So when the mind monkeys tell you that you can’t talk about your latest product or service in an email or on your page or in your group, that’s just fear of rejection. It’s a normal, human fear and in your case, it’s completely unwarranted. 

You’re not a spammer. Your Super Customers won’t reject you and nobody else matters, if they aren’t your Super Customers then their opinion of your offer or business doesn’t count. If they don’t like what you do, remove them painlessly from your list or group, they aren’t going to buy.

Here’s what I’d love you to do. 

Remind yourself every day that your customers, email subscribers, group members and page fans are following you because they love what you do. They are FANS. 

They want to hear from you. They signed up or followed you because they want to see what you’re up to and because your products and services are of interest. 

Showing what you’re working on is exciting for them.

Offering them your new products and services is exciting for them, they WANT to know in case it’s something they want or need. And even if it’s not something they need right now, many of them will mentally file it under ‘useful things for the future’. 

They are interested in what’s in it for them, right now. 

They will ignore anything that’s not a good fit but they will still follow you and love you because they know you’ll create other things and make other offers. 

You are not a spammer.

Sharing your offers is not spammy.

It’s helping your audience. It’s making them aware of things they might love to buy now, or in the future.

If they don’t know what you sell, they can’t buy it.

By letting the ‘spam’ mind monkeys stop you making offers, you are doing your customers a disservice by not making them aware of things they might love. They are waiting to see what you do next, they are following you with excitement because they think you are awesome. 

And so do I.

Keep going. Keep creating. Keep helping. Keep making offers. Keep being you. Go grow your gorgeous business!


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