Join me for my 60-ish minute class where I will teach you how to create and sell a 30-Day course in your business. I have used these since 2012 when my 30 Days to Boost Your Biz course gave me £3000 in sales in a week and my life changed forever!

Here's What You Will Learn

Why 30-Day Courses are GREAT for business

Clients love 30-day courses because they are easy to fit into their busy life while learning really useful stuff in a manageable way. If you're not creating and selling them, now would be a great time to start.

Where to Start and What to Teach

The hardest bit of creating any course is deciding what to teach, what to put in and what to leave out. In this masterclass I'll help you work out the best place to start.

How to Structure Your 30-Day Course

It sounds simple enough, but how DO you break down your teaching into 30 days? There are a few ways to do it and I'll show you what has worked for me, many times over.


How to Deliver Your 30-Day Course

Once you have the content sorted, you need to decide how best to deliver it to your lovely customers. We'll look at a few of the simplest options to get you up and running, fast.

How to Price & Promote Your Awesome 30-Day Course

What will you charge for it? Well, that depends on where it fits in your business - if you're not sure, this class will help. We will see how you could use your brand-new 30-day course in different ways to grow your business.

Download My “30 Day Course Planner"

Finally, I'll give you my 30-day course planner to help you scope out your content and decide what goes where, and when and how. It will save brain ache and make your life easier!

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About Claire Mitchell

Claire Mitchell is the Six Figure Business Coach. Since 2012, through The Girls Mean Business® Claire has helped thousands of women master marketing, get more sales, make more money and become more confident in business. Since 2013 she has made six figures every year and her businesses keep on growing - even better she is happy to teach YOU how to do it, too. That's why her second six-figure business, the Six Figure Business Coach was born. Time for you to realise your potential and make the money you deserve.