A5, A4 or PDF version


The 2023 Awesome Marketing Planner System is everything you need to plan and manage your marketing throughout 2023 and includes:

  • Our beautiful A4 or A5 spiral-bound soft-cover book or PDF version
  • Our 2023 Mini Marketing Course to help you quickly plan out your marketing for the year AND make the most of your planner book
  • Our 2023 Planner Facebook community (opens December 2022)
  • Our weekly bum-kick accountability emails (starting January 2023)

If you have bought previous Awesome Marketing Planners from me, this is a new style. It's soft-back and bendy (300gsm paper cover, 150gsm pages) and spiral bound. Simple and effective.

"The Awesome Marketing Planner has changed my business life"

This was my first ever time using a planner, rather than my trusty excel spreadsheet. Well, to say that The Awesome Marketing Planner has changed my business life, is not too much of an overstatement. From recording my figures on a weekly basis, so I could really see how my business was doing, to planning my monthly goals, with the constant reminder of what my overall goals are. I cannot thank Claire enough. Cannot wait to buy the next Awesome Marketing Planner as soon as it comes out!

Eden Gruger - Writer

Most planners don’t work because they are just a book + your willpower.

looking worried

The Awesome Marketing Planner System is different.

It’s designed to help small business owners like you plan and manage your marketing consistently, all year.

The Awesome Marketing Planner System includes an Awesome Marketing Planner Book (A5, A4 or PDF), weekly bum-kick emails for motivation and accountability, the Awesome Marketing Mini-Course (worth £97) and a fabulous Facebook community.

It’s a system that works. Every year thousands of small business owners get their marketing working and their business growing with the help of the Awesome Marketing Planner System.

It will help you get clear on your direction so you can focus. It will help you track your numbers and think like a business owner. You’ll learn how to come up with engaging content to attract lovely customers. You’ll get a bunch of tools, tips and tactics to help you grow your gorgeous business in 2023. What’s not to love?

Your Awesome Marketing Planner System including a planner book, marketing course worth £97, weekly bum-kicks and fabulous Facebook group is just:

£32.99 + P&P for the A5 Book version

£36.99 + P&P for the A4 Book version

£24.99 for the PDF Book version

For a whole year of plannery goodness designed to get your business back on track and making money

“I could see where I needed to focus”
I’d never used a planner, and absolutely loved the 2020 planner. It kept me on track, allowed me to
visually see and keep a track of my targets and where I needed to focus!
Amanda Heritage – Amanda Heritage Digital Solutions

“It makes marketing doable”
I’ve spent far too much money over the years on planners. When I found this one I knew the search was over. It’s not just a planner, it’s a well-thought-through system that comes with built in cheerleading. It makes marketing something that’s doable, not something complicated and scary. I love it!
Techla Wood – www.thesensorycoach.com

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Marketing section at the front including:

  • '2023 Year-to-View' Calendar spread.
  • 'Business Vision' section to help you focus and get clear on your business direction.
  • NEW 'Super Customer' section including 20 questions to help you find your Super Customer.
  • NEW 'Handy Shortcuts for Busy People' spread including an easy newsletter format, 10 questions you can ask to get engagement on your page or in your group, 5 ideas for one-page list-building freebies, 5 live video ideas where you don't show your face and 6 ideas for online products you can quickly create.
  • NEW How to Get More Engagement' page - a list of post types that help you get different types of engagement.
  • NEW '52 Content Ideas' list for social posts, newsletters, blogs and podcasts.
  • Blog & Newsletter Topic Planner
Monthly Planning and Tracking Bundles including:
  • 'Monthly Money Stuff' page
  • 'Monthly Social Media Plan' spread
  • 'Daily Sales Tracker' Sheet
  • 'Daily Cash Flow' Sheet
  • 'Monthly Target Tracker' Sheet
  • 'Monthly Gratitude' Log
  • '3 Things I'll Do For Me this month' section
  • 'Scary Thing I'm going to tackle this month' section
  • 2 Notes and Ideas Pages
  • Quarterly Tracking Pages

Month-to-view pages and week-to-view spreads featuring:

  • 'Today's Sales' box at the end of every day
  • Motivational message at the top of the left hand page
  • 'One thing I absolutely must get done this week' section at the top of the right hand page
  • Weekly tracker for social media, marketing or anything else you want to track
  • Notes section
  • Mini calendar
  • The weekly calendar spread has enough space for you to plan your days and keep track of what's important, while gently nudging you to keep going and keep building your awesome business.
  • The monthly Social Media Planner is across 2 x full page spreads. It's designed to give you plenty of space to write and accommodates 2 businesses or a FB page plus a group per day, for example.

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I'm currently designing the page layouts on Canva. I will get a proper designer to make them all line up and beautiful BUT this will give you a really good idea of what the pages will look like.

The books will be spiral bound, so will lay flat (very good for planning). The layout might change a bit (because of the spiral binding) and colours might change.

There might be more little ladies and/or I might have even better ideas before this goes to print.

Basically, take this as a good guide as to the content but don't get attached to specifics!

My best attempts at showing you what it will look like - once I get the sample I'll add the proper version.









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Here's who each one is perfect for:

  • If you are someone who mainly uses their planner on a desk or table and doesn't really carry it around, the chunky A4 could be perfect for you. It's also perfect if you'd love more writing space in the weekly planner section.

  • If you're a 'stick it in my bag and GO' kinda girl, the A5 is more portable. It's the same size as previous years so if you loved that, choose this one.

  • And if you're all about saving paper and using your planner on your mobile devices, the PDF is for you. (Also if you like to write in your planner and postage from the UK is a bit much, you can print off the PDF pages as you need them).


  • Access to my Mini Marketing Course (worth £97) that covers:
  • How to create your dream business vision
  • How to set realistic targets that will motivate and inspire you
  • How to find profitable customers you'll love to work with
  • How to make money with your customer journey
  • How to come up with easy content ideas for your socials, blogs, newsletters and podcasts
  • How to grow a money mindset
  • How to get over your visibility fears
Weekly Bum-Kick Emails

Every Monday throughout 2023 you'll receive a bum-kick email to keep you motivated and on track (and inspire you to get marketing).

A Fabulous Facebook Community

A great place to connect with likeminded business owners around the world. You can ask questions, brainstorm, get support and know you're not alone.

bum kick email on phone

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Business owners who need help and accountability to grow their business, all wrapped up in a fun and funky flexible planner system. Between the lovely planner book, my little ladies, the email bum-kicks, online training and Facebook group, this is my way of helping you market and grow your business all year. 


Anyone who wants a very posh, very slick hardback planner book that looks good in meetings and impresses people. I'll be honest, I tried that and it wasn't me. This is designed to be fun and practical and USED to grow your business. If looks are important and you don't like my branding and little ladies then this one might not be for you.


When Will The Books and PDFs arrive?

PDF version is available immediately and books are 7-10 day delivery time.



How much is postage for one book?

£4 for UK (Royal Mail tracked)

£7.70 (A5) - £13.00 (A4) for EU (Royal Mail international, not tracked)

£12 (A5) - £20.50 (A4) for REST OF WORLD (Royal Mail international, not tracked)

 If you would like to order more than TWO books, please email hello@thegirlsmeanbusiness.com




Does the A4 version have the same layout as the A5 version?

Yes, it's just twice the size!

What people say about the Awesome Marketing Planner System:


“The Awesome Marketing Planner has kept me sane in an otherwise mad world this year.”

I have had Claire’s planners for the last 4 years and they have always been good, but they just seem to get better! The planner is clearly set out with all you need to help you focus on what is important for your business each month, from sales, to goal setting, to social media. It can easily be used for any type of business and taken to any meeting, however formal. You also get access to the Facebook group which in itself is invaluable. It is full of people just like you, wanting to share their knowledge and advice. You don’t just get access to Claire’s brain and experience, but the collective hive brain too. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Gill Sealey – The Happy Weaver Craft Co

“It helped me get ready to operate again”

When the world turned upside down the Awesome Marketing Planner & Support Group helped me to stay focused, remain calm and get ready to operate again.

Ann Stirling – Hand to Soul Therapy

“It has really helped me focus on growing my numbers!”

I adore your planners! This one has really helped me focus on growing my numbers! Thank you Claire for making something that is beautiful as well as extremely useful – it’s a pleasure to use xx

Karen Anne Sparks -The Ladypreneurs Club

“It keeps me on track”
The planner is amazing. It really does keep me on track with everything I do. I notice if I do not use it! It has helped my business grow and I couldn’t be without it.

Shelley Street – Street’s Craft Creations

“THE best planner I’ve ever bought!”
THE best planner I’ve ever bought, and wow have I bought plenty! This beauty helps me plan, keeps me focused and is gorgeous to look at. What more could anyone want!

Sue Carlile – SueCarlilepa.com

“Absolutely perfect”
This is the first planner I’ve ever used consistently. The lay out is perfect and has really helped me stay focused through Lockdown and keep on track of my numbers. Absolutely perfect

Zoë Wongsam – Hepburn & Hughes Jewellery

“I wouldn’t be without it”
I’ve been using Claire’s planner since she first published them. I wouldn’t be without it. It gives me focus in all areas of my business and helps me keep me on track. Highly recommend.
Doreen Uzice – Quantum Metta School of Massage

“The planner becomes a way of life!”
It has given me focus to concentrate on the areas of my business I needed to concentrate on, along with the support from Claire and the group. I’ve stepped outside my comfort zone. The planner becomes a way of life, something I can pick up, track my figures and make plans ahead of time.

Kerry Douglass – Kerry’s Craft Room & The Scent Room (Independent Scentsy Consultant)



“I buy one every year as I love it so much”
Before using the Awesome Marketing Planner System I hadn’t tracked a single thing in my business, I had no idea what my sales, outgoings, social media following etc were but the planner makes it so easy to track this. I love Claire’s bum kick emails every Monday which reminds to look at my numbers & I also love that it is more than a planner. Lots of great advice & tips from Claire about marketing plus a little community too supporting each other in the Facebook group just for Plannerinas…I will buy one every year as I love it so much!

Karen Sidell – Bop Tots

“The content is excellent”
I was a late starter with the planner as i was tipped off about how fantastic it was by Zoe Wongsam of Hepburn and Hughes. I am amazed at how much info and support comes with it, along with a whole network of lovely people running their own businesses. The content is excellent and the way it works really gets you focused on what has to be done, the occasional ‘bum kick’ helps too! It’s fabulous, and it has really helped my business Dezanne Design get a structure and improve in manageable steps. Thank you!

Denise Wongsam – Dezanne Design

“It makes me accountable”
In a nutshell, the Awesome Marketing planner has kept me organised and focused. Everything I need to think about, in order to grow my business, can be found within its cover and thus makes me accountable.

Patricia Marks – www.wiltshirefamilyhistorian.co.uk


“It’s indispensable!”
I’ve been using the planner since Claire first started making them… the most useful – and now indispensable planner of them all! Xx

Sue McKenna – The Maldon Soap Company

“It’s a must for all business owners”
I’ve been using Claire’s amazing planner for the past 3 years. I love the extra benefits of the weekly email and monthly challenges. It’s beautiful quality with a clear design. It’s a must for all business owners to help keep us on track in our busy lives.

Clare Banham -Independent Partner of Flamingo Paperie